Legal and Financial Translation DE-EN/EN-DE

Legal translation is a highly specialised area that is often misunderstood. People tend to think that translation is a simple process that can be done in real-time or by using AI. However, this is not the case. While machine or AI translations can be a quick and efficient solution, they lack the level of expertise and understanding that human translators possess. Legal matters are complex and require careful attention to detail. In most countries, it takes several years to master any aspect of legal studies, and several more years of practical experience to be able to handle legal cases. A legal translator must have the same level of expertise, experience and time to translate.


Haphazard translation can result in serious problems for the client, the law firm, and other parties. Therefore, a legal translator must have detailed experience in the field, and perhaps even a legal background. In most cases, translating legal documents will require regular consultation with a lawyer or legal expert, preferably the one who is working on the specific document.





LegalEnglish online consultancy assists in legal and financial translation, proofreading, light editing, document review and plausibility assessments of German and English documents and other legal materials (arbitration and mediation agreements).



All our services are performed with absolute discretion and confidentiality.




N.B. LegalEnglish online consultancy only provides language and intercultural mediation services, not legal advice.