Language mediation and intercultural communication

LegalEnglish online consultancy is Alexandra Mareschi's professional website. Ms Mareschi is a lawyer-linguist with more than ten years of experience.


LegalEnglish online consultancy's main focus is to assist law firms, courts and companies with the demands and challenges of the English language in the global legal framework.

New commercial divisions for international matters have been introduced in Cologne, Bonn and Aachen (2018, also Frankfurt), which allow oral court proceedings in English. Inevitably, one must acknowledge that the importance of Germany as an attractive venue for international litigation is steadily growing, especially in light of Brexit. Therefore, judges and lawyers need to be able to understand English and explain German law in English. As a native English and German speaker and an intercultural communication expert, Ms Mareschi can act as a language mediator in difficult court proceedings or negotiations.


LegalEnglish online consultancy also provides law office support in English, particularly contract drafting and negotiation assistance to in-house teams in law firms, financial institutions and companies.

The service includes inter alia language evaluation as well as negotiation mediation in international projects, and preparation of litigation and arbitration proceedings in English.


LegalEnglish online consultancy aims to develop long-term client relationships based on close cooperation and solid results.




N.B. LegalEnglish online consultancy only provides language and intercultural mediation services, not legal advice.