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Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an Links zum Thema Legal, Financial und General English.
Es werden möglichtst viele unterschiedliche Akzente dargestellt, um so das Sprachverständnis zu tranieren.

Legal English Videos - External Links

Understanding Legal English - YouTube

Video from an American law firm on why Legal English is so precise.

Advice on legal writing - YouTube

An interview with Mr John Budge featuring his advice on legal writing and

what he looks for in the legal writing as a legal professional.

Can we cure lawyers of legalese? - YouTube

In this talk, Mr Bates considers why language often seems so complicated;

why legal documents are often so hard to understand;

why lawyers love legalese so much; and what lawyers can do

to produce legal documents we can all hope to understand.

Judiciary and the rule of law - YouTube

This short video gives an overview of the Independent Judicial System of England

and Wales, illustrating its history from the Magna Carta to present day.

It explains the separation of powers, the different types of courts/tribunals and

busts some of the myths that surround being a judge

(such as no judge has ever used a gavel!)

The Courtroom and its people - YouTube

A short film from a British university about the people you will find

in an English and Welsh courtroom.

Rule of Law - YouTube

Constitutional Law - Rule of Law

Introduction to EU Law - YouTube

What is EU law? In this video, we try to offer our audience an easy to understand

introduction to the extremely popular topic, starting off with its two branches:

primary (such as treaties) and secondary legislation (such as regulations,

directives and decisions derived from the principles and objectives set out in treaties).

The Hon Mrs Justice Audrey Campbell-Moffat: Language and communication -

Does one size fit all? - YouTube

In this talk, The Honourable Mrs Justice Audrey Campbell-Moffat seeks to identify

those areas where different language skills should be employed

to achieve the best results and some of the different skills that can be employed.


Legal & Financial Issues - Podcasts - External Links

General English - BBC 6 Minute English - Podcasts - External Links

Glossaries - External Link


Glossary of Legal Terminology English – German

by Dustin DeGrande  - German Translator


Quiz - External Link

Rechtsquiz zum Legal English-LTO


Amusing Videos  - External Link

Judge Caprio - This Judge Had The Best Reaction To This Little Boy's Honesty

Top 10 HILARIOUS Court Case Defenses

Drunk Lawyer