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Welcome to LegalEnglish online consultancy, offering content-language integrated training (CLIL) specially designed for busy lawyers and executives whose demanding schedules make it difficult or nearly impossible to participate in live courses but still wish to improve their English as well as knowledge and command of English legal terminology.


LegalEnglish online consultancy is an approved TOLES Examination and Training Centre.




Today, English is the dominant language in both leisure and international business. Thus, it is unsurprising that a sound knowledge of English has also become essential for non-native English-speaking legal professionals.


Legal English and ordinary everyday English are not identical. Legal English is the language used by Anglo-American lawyers. It is a specialised language. As such, it has certain characteristics that make it difficult and obscure even for native English speakers. Recognising and overcoming these linguistic difficulties is essential to understand legal documents drafted in English.


As a language service provider with legal background (lawyer-linguist) and experience in in-company training LegalEnglish online consultancy covers a wide range of areas: Law (namely, International Law, European Law, Conflicts of Laws, World Trade Law, International Trade Law, Law of Treaties, and International Human Rights)  Legal English, Business English, English for Insurances, Financial English, Human Rights Education, Conflict Management, Mediation, Intercultural Awareness and Oral Communication Skills. The aim is to offer all those involved with the practice of law assistance in using English legal terminology.


Misconceptions and terminology errors could end up in costly lawsuits.


LegalEnglish online consultancy courses aim to teach legal English, not English law. The courses focus, in particular, on explaining German law in English using thereby the correct legal terminology.




LegalEnglish online  consultancy offers:


One-to-one lessons or group training in the region of Cologne with a native speaker from the UK.

  • Lessons can be held according to the arrangement 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Free trial lesson (30 min.)
  • Personalised classes that cover your needs and interests



English training worldwide per video conference (via Skype or WebEx)

  • from the comfort of your own home, office or on business trips
  • no long journeys, no traffic jams, no stress
  • free trial lesson
  • one-to-one lessons 
  • lessons can be held according to the arrangement: 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes
  • personalised classes that cover your needs

Your needs:

  • improve your legal, business or financial vocabulary
  • understanding English Law
  • improve your conversational English skills
  • consolidate your language skills (pronunciation, accent reduction)
  • upon request, proofreading and text review



  • more confidence explaining points of law under your national jurisdiction
  • more effective and accomplished representation for your organisation
  • improved presentation and negotiation skills when using Legal or Business English
  • assistance with presentations, job applications and job interviews


Hardware and Software requirements

  • you need a computer with an internet connection and a web camera for online lessons. Please download the free Skype programme. Accordingly, you may need a headset. One-to-one or group lessons can be held via WebEx (virtual classroom).



Upon request, LegalEnglish online consultancy also offers moot courts, interactive legal discussions on specific topics with participants from different countries, webinars, online courses, and workshops.


Please do not hesitate to contact LegalEnglish online consultancy for details regarding the services offered.







N.B. LegalEnglish online consultancy only provides language and intercultural mediation services, not legal advice.




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